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CANLEAD is a multiyear project at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. It is funded by the US Department of Education’s Institute for Education Sciences. CANLEAD supports a network of school leadership teams who:

  • Work together to improve student results in math and science
  • Discover and use key technologies that improve teaching
  • Build leadership for technology in their schools
  • Network with other leaders and school teams

School partnership teams in CANLEAD discover and share information about key technologies that strengthen learning by using multiple representations of math and science concepts.

The project is led by Dr. Sara Dexter, associate professor of technology leadership in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. Dr. Dexter focuses on the systemic implementation and integration of technology at the district, school, and classroom level, by exploring the relationship between educational leadership, technology leadership, and resource management. Her research and projects guide school leaders in strategically designing systems in which students needs might be best served by the leadership structures used for implementation of technology in schools. Her design for CANLEAD includes facilitating the process of honing school leaders’ skills to discern how to tackle technology implementation through the collaborative utilization of human resources and the use of available technology within their schools.